Honestly I don’t know what’s happening but we have had so many random
calls for referrals and people interested in meeting with

And the referrals that we’ve gotten, we’ve met with or called and have
made/are trying to make set appointments, but it’s kind of hard
because as soon as the missionaries try to come, SO DOES OPPOSITION.
It’s crazy actually, to see the obstacles that come up as soon as we
extend that first commitment to read the Book of Mormon or even for a
return appointment.
For example, we came for our meeting with the amazing family of like
15 the other day and we see all of the kids piling out of the house.
Oblivious Sister Peterson (that’s me) is all “Oh hi where are you guys
going?” Just all smiley and stuff and then Sister White pointed out to
me the yelling going on inside the house. The parents were in a big
fight and so all the kids were heading into the car. Ohhhhh okay so we
awkwardly went back to the car and said bye to the kids. We will see
them this Saturday though! Hopefully.

BUT despite the opposition, the cool thing is, it will all work out if
we keep doing all we can and pray for them and if they keep trying to
come closer to Christ through keeping their commitments.

One thing I have noticed the most about all of this so far, is how
this is The Lord’s work. He is preparing these people, we are just
here to be a vessel for The Spirit. I get it I have said this like a
billion times and I learned that while in the MTC but now I am really
starting to SEE it. It’s incredible.

We went to teach Bill this week, and you can tell some of the concerns
that he has had are fading and he is starting to feel more and more a
desire to be baptized. It is the coolest thing to see how Heavenly
Father is preparing him before each encounter we have with him.

THATS THE THING. We don’t do much when it comes to conversion. We are
just the messengers. I am seeing that more and more and it’s the
coolest thing to watch these people change, when you know it’s not
from any convincing or teaching method of your own but because The
Spirit is working with them and they are accessing the atonement.

ALSO at church this week, Regina came. She’s a lady we met outside an
apartment complex. She loves life and says she goes to different
churches all the time. So we asked her to come to ours AND SHE DID.

It was great, she’s great. She even stayed all 3 hours! Bill came as well!
We walked into gospel principles with them and realized they had no
teacher and basically no one was there this Sunday for some reason so
we taught and it was the best thing ever. It was so funny we barely
even taught, Bill basically taught Regina and we were just over here
looking at him like “they grow up so fast”. Then we showed the video
“The Hope of God’s Light” and Bill was sobbing. It was just us, Bill,
Regina and a recent convert who we just love. The Spirit was so strong
in that room.

The work is picking up and I have been doing a lot better this week.
Praying for charity and trying your best is REAL. Sister White and I
have been doing a lot better together. I am so grateful. We still have
a ways to go, but it’s good. It’s good.

Oh and in Palm Springs, it’s been super busy because the gay pride
parade thing has been going on this weekend and the streets are full
of lots of people and lot of RAINBOWS. Palm Springs, it’s always a
sight to see I decided.

I love you all and ps I will be able to talk to you AND SEE YOU in 45
days! 45 days until Christmas what is life.

Have a good week, make friends with everyone and keep being amazing to
the missionaries. I know you spoil them, and I know they appreciate


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