Where does the week go? – “Scriptures, they are great”

Alright so Carley, definitely our main investigator, definitely moved.
Suddenly. Out of our area.
Soooo that was a bummer. Real bummer. We hope the missionaries find her though.

We met with Chris and the lesson went super well, and we’ll be
teaching him this week! Bill came to church. And some inactive members
came that we had visited this last week! Oh happy day happy day.

Oh and I gave another talk at church! I kind of like talks. It went
well, I noticed I was the least nervous I’ve ever been so that was

Also, cool thing. A couple walks into our ward and the wife says we
love sister missionaries, our daughters in New York right now and I
was like WAIT. Where in New York? My friend Sydney Blomquist is
serving there.
And she’s all BLOMQUIST?! No way. Our daughter could not stop talking
about her from the MTC. She like grabs her husband and she points to
me, saying she’s friends with Sister Blomquist!! She said she loves
her and they’re rooming together after their missions! And turns out
Sister Pang is their daughter and I remember reading one of Syd’s
emails saying that she wants to room with this girl after her mission
and I’m like what a small world. It was cool.
Then after my talk, the dad came up to me all sensitive and stuff and
he said, I see and hear you up there giving your talk and I just
picture my little girl, probably doing the same thing you are today.
Thank you for that.

They were so sweet it made my day. I told him that I can see my
parents saying the same thing to some sister missionary back home so
it was cool.

Also, we had interviews with President so that was good. He said hey I
know your area is a big one and it can be a struggle, but you’re doing
well and thank you. And I didn’t even complain about the area or
anything so it was comforting to hear him bring it up.

Sister White says this is the most overwhelming area she’s been in, so
I’m not sure what makes the other areas different but it makes me feel
better about my stressful time last week. But now I am all good.

Oh and cool experience! So I was just praying for help, because I felt
like we hadn’t been having a lot of lessons or anything and everything
just kind of seemed at a stand still. I was just praying that people
would soften their hearts a lil and let us talk to them and
everything. Then I opened up my scriptures and BAM. Alma 8:10. Alma
was doing the same thing, but then in verse 11, even though he prayed,
the people hardened their hearts. Then in verses 14-15 it talks about
how he was weighed down with sorrow, then an angel appeared and said
lift up thy head and rejoice, for thou hast been faithful in keeping
the commandments.

It was so cool because it was exactly what I needed to hear. People
have their agency, so don’t get down on yourself if their doesn’t seem
to be much success. Keep trying your best, and REJOICE because you
have been faithful in keeping the commandments, because you have been
trying. Scriptures, they are great.

Um that’s about all I can remember :/

And shoot, pictures are coming NEXT week. Sorry I’m so bad at this.
But have a great week, I LOVE YOU PEOPLE.

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