Palm Springs – Round 2 (missionary work is love)

image1 image2 image3 image4So Tuesday afternoon we found out that I am staying in Palm Springs!
We also found out that Sister Gunn, who has been here for 5 months is
leaving to San B. Dang. The ward was sad and so was the newbie Sister
Peterson who suddenly realized that she needs to know the area and the
people well enough to basically take charge. It was hard to leave
Sister Gunn too because we were getting along pretty well.

So shoot.

Most stressful week of my life I will tell you that much. Before with
Sister Gunn I was just coasting through. She knew where we were going
every second and didn’t need to use the maps and she knew everyone, so
each night she would plan. But now the whole area and all of the
people kind of rest on my shoulders. I don’t think I have ever prayed
so much in my life up to this point. But I will tell you what, the
first few days I was a stress case, but thanks to my prayers I have
somehow been able to plan each day, and remember streets and
everything better, along with most of the people and everything else.

I have the worst sense of direction known to man (you know that) so I
knew that this challenge was coming. But luckily my companion has a
gps and the area is really starting to click more so everything will
be okay. On the way to pick up my new companion I just started crying
and Sister Gunn goes “what’s wrong?” And I was like “I don’t even know
how to get back to the apartment from here” which was me just trying
to express basically that I have no idea what I am doing. So I have
come a long way this week haha it’s been good. No more tears were

But now I am companions with Sister White, and she is finishing the
rest of my training. I don’t have a picture with her yet so I’ll
describe her I guess. She’s 25. Has short blonde hair and is a short
one. She’s way nice and has been out for a little over a year.

This weekend however has been good, we have appointments scheduled
with our investigators and have gotten into some less actives homes
that we couldn’t get into before.

We are switching things up a bit and refining things, since Sister
White is all experienced and stuff. And I have a new sense of
motivation coming with this new responsibility so it’s great.

And on Wednesday when I was just about to break down again because we
were lost and couldn’t find our dinner appointment, then we turned the
corner just in time to see the prettiest sunset and it was just like
AH tender mercy. EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY (that’s what that sunset was
basically saying to me).

But anyways, on Saturday it was cool, we went to a private baptism for
an 8 year old, because part member families were there. It was all of
these good looking people having the baptism in their second home in
Palm Springs so it was all fancy and stuff. The 2nd counselor sent
these to me so that’s about all of the pictures I have from this week.

So listen, this email may sound like I am dying however I promise you
that all is well now. Honestly even better than before. I prayed to
Heavenly Father to help me know what I need to do better to make this
all work and the distinct answer I got was to just LOVE.
Love the people. Love your companion. The rest will fall into place.
Go out there and love everyone. In the end that’s what missionary work
is. It’s love.

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