Possibly last week in Palm Springs

First off,
GRANT LOOKED SO GOOD AT HOMECOMING. And so old. I’ll write more in the
individual emails but I just gotta say, my brother is a stud.

So this week some cool things happened

A man that lives in our apartment that we talked to when I was on an
exchange with Sister Sommers, came knocking on our apartment door on
Tuesday. Which is weird. Usually we’re the ones knocking on their
doors. But the first time we talked with him he told us he wasn’t
interested, but was still super nice. So Tuesday we answered the door
and he was asking for us to pray for him because he basically needs
direction in his life. We ended up asking him if he would be
interested in having a priesthood blessing and he said yes. We had the
elders go over there but he never answered so STAY TUNED.

Also, every time we visit a man we need a third woman there for the
lesson. So, our lesson this Wednesday with Stephen had to be canceled
because we called just about every female we knew and no one could
come. We were kind of disappointed but then out of nowhere a cute dog
pops up on the opposite side of the street and I’m like DOG! He just
about got hit by a car and Sister Gunn isn’t fond of dogs so she
watched me as I called the dog over and SAVED HIM. At least I like to
think that I did. But we called the owner and she came over quickly
and so even though the lesson got canceled, we were still able to do
some good you could say.

Thursday/Friday we went on another exchange because Sister Gunn is an
STL (sister training leader) so that basically means we go on more
exchanges in one transfer than the normal non STL missionary. I was
with Sister Lewis and FUNNY STORY. Remember that woman that works next
to the Mesa temple that told us her granddaughter was going to the
same mission as me? Well come to find out that granddaughter is Sister
Lewis! What are the chances? Cool. She even showed me a picture of her
grandma and I was like yep that’s her. Connections.

Anyways on the exchange we were asking this one man what his religious
beliefs were and he said he was of the religion Islam and believed in
the prophet Muhammad.
Sister Lewis then asks “Muhammad Ali?”
I was dying inside.
The guy just looks down in disappointment and was like no ma’am.
My thoughts: Welp, we might as well go home now
But it was something to have good laugh about later that’s for sure
We still got to give him a Book of Mormon so hopefully that makes up for it

Then later this week we got to visit Carley for a second. Her mom was
home and uh she strongly dislikes us and Carley’s kids are always
literally crawling all over her so it’s an impossible environment for
teaching but we’re trying to get members to open up their homes so we
can take her there to teach. For now we give her short messages and
invite her to church, and this Saturday when we went she told us that
even though she didn’t understand much that was said or going on, she
felt so uplifted afterwards. She doesn’t know the bible, and doesn’t
really know about Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ so I am just so
excited to teach her more and see her realize what she has been
missing her whole life.
We also showed her 6 year old daughter a picture of Jesus Christ and
said “do you know who this is?” And then she replies calmly, “of
course I do, He is in my dreams.” Now here is this little girl who
hasn’t been taught about Christ really her whole life, so that was a
cool moment.

But Carley and her kids came to church Sunday and so did Bill!
Carley’s kids were a lot more calm, still very loud, but better. She
had help this time from members we had called prior and they brought
toys for sacrament meeting so Carley didn’t have to take her boys out
every two seconds.
Bill told us that if we weren’t so nice to him, he wouldn’t have
considered going to church in the first place, so lesson learned: be
Zita was on vacation this weekend so she couldn’t come.
We invited Chris, and he sounded committed but he ended up not making it.
Stephen didn’t make it either. We had to give Stephen some time after
our lesson on Saturday to just dive into the BOM a little bit more, he
has started to get super defensive about things and it’s harder and
harder to actually teach him a lesson, he just needs to have more of
an open mind so we’ll meet back with him shortly. We still want him to
come to church and everything of course but he said he’ll keep reading
and praying so we just hope his heart softens a little.

Alright so I will leave you with this:
Not sure if you noticed, but President Monson seemed to have a hard
time standing up at one point during his talk in general conference.
This Sunday, in primary, some of the kids in the other ward were asked
to draw a picture of the prophet speaking at general conference.
The teacher looked at some of the kids drawings and said “what is it
that you are drawing next to the prophet?” And one of the kids
answered “the Angels lifting him up.”
Aw man I got the chills when I heard that. I don’t doubt that he had
help from the other side.

Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet on the earth today. When you
think about how amazing all of this is, it shouldn’t be hard to share!
Christ’s church is restored on the earth today in it’s fullness. The
Book of Mormon is the word of God and I will never be able to deny
that! What is the point in all of this? Why would Heavenly Father do
this for US? And this is the most incredible part of it all, even
though we are all so imperfect, our Heavenly Father loves us enough to
send His son to suffer and die for US. WHY? So that we can all live
with our Father again and be happy in this life and eventually receive
a fullness of joy. We don’t deserve any of it, but it has all been

If we want this, all we have to do is choose to accept the atonement
through faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism,
receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end.
And each of these things are in no way chores, but really just amazing
blessings. The more we accept the atonement in our lives, the happier
we will be. It’s all pretty simple and perfect.

Have a great week, I know I say that every week but I mean it!
I love you all.

Ps I find out about transfers TONIGHT. So I know it’s killing me
too,but you’ll have to find out next week STAY TUNED
Also. I got an iPad yesterday. Hallelujah.

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