General Conference is LIFE

Okay so this week has been great, it’s kind of all a blur but I will tell you some of the things I remember most.

We went on an exchange Tuesday, and it was my first time in the area without Sister Gunn, who knows the area super well. So since I’m directionally challenged, it was a great learning experience you could say. But you know we are about to leave for an appointment and the car all the sudden will not start. We were in a sketchy area too and it was getting dark so I was like uh oh. I decided to call some of the ward members that I thought lived by where we were, and turns out they didn’t live that close but happened to be driving right by where we were. And who knew, one of them was a mechanic and fixed cars for a living? I didn’t. But that was so cool and such a blessing I was just in awe. In about 20 minutes they were able to fix the car and follow us home to make sure we got there safely. Amazing people and I know for sure that The Lord had a hand in that.

We also met two new investigators that night, one right after the other, Julian and Caeser. This was right before the car broke down. They were super open to reading the Book of Mormon so we’ll see them this week.

ALSO General Conference has never been so exciting. I really do have a greater appreciation for General Conference now, it’s amazing. Funny thing too, we can’t watch it at members homes so we went to the church where it would be playing. But Saturday, the internet was super slow so it kept pausing and we unfortunately missed like two talks. Then it stopped working all together so the second session we were all just huddled around bishop’s iphone in the relief society room. Hahahah it was funny. Then Sunday they got the audio to work but the projector in the chapel wasn’t working so we watched it off of one ipad, and there were older couples visiting and stuff so we were all just in the chapel trying to see it off of the ipad. Technical difficulties, gotta love them.

BUT it doesn’t matter because I definitely got the most out of this conference than any of them! And man, you just know that these men are called of God. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT AND FEEL THAT? I don’t know. But everyone should watch conference that’s all I know.

Transfers are next week and my mind is blown. I feel like I just got here! So I’ll have to let you know what happens with all of that, but time is flying.

image1 DSCN0262[1]I don’t have a ton of time left so I’m leaving out a lot, but it has been a good week. I love you all.

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