Yep, Miracles.

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someone slipped this into their purses and said to "buy a nice meal"
someone slipped this into their purses and said to “buy a nice meal”
So my week you ask? WELL it was pretty humbling and also incredible.
The hardest thing this week and eh, my whole mission would have to be those feelings of inadequacy and seeing all of the weaknesses I do have. But I know that Heavenly Father shows us our weaknesses so that, if we allow it, He can make them strengths. It’s a process though. But an amazing process. I feel that I personally have used the atonement now more than ever before. The weaknesses that have been made so apparent to me have made me truly realize that I cannot do this without Him, have led me to lots and lots of repentance; with that repentance has also come growth. But most of all, I have seen the enabling power of the atonement in my own life when it comes to my weaknesses becoming strengths.
So this week was probably the most humbling by far, just because I saw my weaknesses now more than ever. But I was reading about how miracles are performed according to our faith. So in my prayer on Friday I decided to pray for a miracle. I was just kinda in need of something good to happen and so I asked if we could see a miracle this weekend, and I had faith that if it was His will, He would show us one.
So Tuesday, we went on exchanges and I went to Banning for a good 24 hours with Sister Lysenko. She was way nice and I learned a lot of ways to improve from seeing how she did things in her area. We even got two new investigators in that time we were together! So that was a miracle of itself! They aren’t in my area, but still!
BUT. The best thing of all, was what happened Saturday. I’m not sure if I have told you but when we took our car to the dealership a few weeks ago to get it fixed, a man came up to us and was all “My friend is embarrassed but wants to know more about what you both believe. He just wants a way to contact you but doesn’t want you to talk with him right now.” His friend was the man who got our car for us apparently. We gave him our info so that he could give it to his friend. And then we were just praying for a while that his friend would have the courage to call or come to church or something! He slowly faded out of our prayers, and that was that.
And then on Saturday we were going to give a birthday card to a young woman in the ward in the morning, but that didn’t work out so we aimed for the afternoon, but stuff happened then too, so we finally went at like 8 that night. We were slipping the card in the door to her apartment and a man comes up to the door next to us with his dogs, about to go inside. I turned around and looked at him almost in shock for a second then I was like “Hey! I recognize you!”
It was the friend of that guy who got our car and wanted our contact info! The random guy at the random car dealership happens to live next door to the girl in our ward. Out of all the places he could live and out of all of the times that he would be outside his door right when we were… what are the chances?
He said he accidentally washed our card in his laundry and was super bummed about that. He told us how he has quit smoking and drinking and his wife died recently and he has been unsure about where to go for church and just wants to be happy.
We were almost speechless.
So we are meeting with him this week (his name is Chris). Man. So cool. Heavenly Father knows where we need to be, when we need to be there. He answers prayers. AND miracles still happen.
It’s so cool to look back and see that we were planning to deliver the card that morning but it didn’t work out until that exact moment. That whole experience was such a miracle. And Sister Gunn was like I can’t believe that just happened. We were both just in awe, there are no coincidences.
So it’s been a great week, really. Carley came to church yesterday with her 3 little kids and Bill came too! Bill tried to give us 50 dollars and we were like no Bill we can’t take your money! So he ended up giving it to the missionary fund. Such an amazing guy.
Things are happening here and I’m pumped. I’m also tired, but pumped.
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A member slipped this in our stuff unknowingly and told us to “buy a nice meal”, so we need to return it ASAP. But these people are too good to us.
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And! LOOK AT THAT SKY.Inline image 4
This was our meal from last week at the Jamison’s home:)
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Oops sorry this is the longest email ever. I love you all! (Have a great week k?)

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