Okay so to answer some of the questions that I haven’t clarified:

I live in an apartment with another companionship and they’re great
And yes the members feed us every night, they are too good to us.
There are a lot of members who are less active, so a lot of our efforts are focused on them.
The members are so sweet to us though, there are a lot of older people who love to talk and feed us pie. Yeah basically.
Oh and on Monday, one of the members went all the way to in n out because it was out of our area and brought it back for one of our meals. Mmmm yeah it was a good day, and it was SO SWEET of them.
It’s a small ward but it helps us to get to know everyone really well and become super close, so it has it’s pros and cons!
Here’s a little update on who we are teaching:
There’s Stephen, who is in his mid 30’s and just the sweetest guy with the best intentions. He met with elders about a year ago and now wants to meet with us, and he goes to one of the local christian churches. He has come to church twice now and is super into the bible, so it was a blessing that one of the men who talked this last Sunday used a ton of references from the bible when talking about temples and Stephen was like yesss. He was the first person I had a lesson with too. And he has a daughter who’s 9, they’re the cutest little family.
Speaking of Stephen, we had an amazing lesson with him this week and I felt The Spirit so strongly. I bore my testimony about how I have come to know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and I explained to him why I am dropping everything for 18 months, basically why I am even teaching him these things. AND THEN I REALIZED, it has helped so much that I never got an answer that I NEED to go on a mission, but that my answer was mainly from my desire to go and a confirmation that I had made a good decision. BECAUSE I can honestly tell people like Stephen why I came out here and why I am teaching them. It’s not because I was told I needed to, but because I know that this is Christ’s church and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed my life, and I want that for all of Heavenly Father’s children, because I love Him. So sometimes a “not extremely obvious answer” is a good thing.
Also, we are teaching a man named Bill who is older but just amazing, he loves to serve and he also came to church and LOVED IT.
Then there’s Zita who is the sweetest older lady and she will introduce anyone to us as “her girls”. Almost every time we knock, she happens to be on the phone and then she’ll say “Oh I got to go my girls are here”. Haha she’s the cutest and super into politics. She’s not really open to changing her religion but loves to have us over and loves the relief society activities so that’s good. Love that woman.
Also we decided to visit a woman named Carley that supposedly wanted nothing to do with the church but as soon as she answered the door she was super interested and we got her to come to church on Sunday! However, she didn’t want to come in late so she went to a christian church down the street instead, ha dang it. But she said she didn’t like it for her kids so she wants to come next week! Just goes to show that the Lord is preparing people, even those who “will never be interested”.
Those are the main people we are teaching. I have seen a ton of tender mercies this week, for example: I was thinking a little of home last Monday and then we went to a member’s house who is somewhat inactive and she had a dog that looked just like Sadie! AH. Life. I pet that dog the whole time. But also, we both felt prompted to share the video “Because of Him” with her and didn’t even talk about it before and it was exactly what she needed. Then she came to church on Sunday!
Oh and today we went to Joshua Tree National Park for a little pday activity and it wasn’t even hot! Also, who knew that there was a Joshua Tree National Park? Not me. But we climbed some rocks and stuff.
(I have some pictures of in n out and pretty skies and us on rocks but I’ll have to send those next week because I forgot my camera chord again)
Sorry this email is everywhere as always but guess what it has already been a month! I love you guys, thanks for all of the updates. The Lord is behind this work 110 percent. Just the fact that I have been able to function each day after waking up no later than 6:30, should be evidence of that enough.
Have a great week, I mean it! I love you people.

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