Another week in Palm Springs

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FAMILY! I am dying right now looking at that license of Grant with the mustache. Hahahahhaha no brother in this world is as funny as him, thank you for that picture. Okay just had to say that before I move on to this week.

So Tuesday we had a zone meeting, and the zone leaders shared how on the first day we got here, these new elders got their luggage stolen outside the church. All of their clothes and journals and cameras and letters and scriptures ALL OF IT. The zone leader was telling us that when that happened the elders started saying like what if whoever stole all that stuff started reading the BOM or their journals or looking through their pictures and wanted to learn more, how cool would that be? And then after they discussed that, apparently one of the new elders said “My stuff is worth nothing compared to someone’s salvation.” And I just thought wow. I for sure wouldn’t have had that attitude about things, especially on my first day. But it’s true, we need to make sure that we are always putting the important things above all of that “stuff”. It really made me think.
Also, I have been thinking about it a lot: Why do we do things? But really when it comes to home teaching, fulfilling our callings, going to the temple, going on missions, paying tithing and all that good stuff. Why do we do these things? Is it because we are asked to and are afraid if we don’t then bad things will happen? Is it because we know that if we do these things we will be blessed? Or is it because we love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ? I think that doing all these things is better than not doing them, but doing them out of love is the best way to do them. “If ye love me, keep my commandments”. So if we really thought about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ before we did things, if we really thought about how blessed we are BECAUSE OF THEM and how much we have been given (just the fact that we were even created!)… If we thought about that more often, and that doing what is asked of us can show that we love Them and trust Them, that would change things. If we feel like our love needs to increase, then I think obeying is a good step. Then we are choosing to come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and can feel their love for us more strongly. AND THEN our love and desire to obey increases. It’s so cool because all of the commandments we have been given are just for our benefit. Heavenly Father wants us to have a fullness of joy, so He has given us everything we need to do that. So the “rules” are a blessing, we should follow them because we love our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ who made it possible for us to live with our Father again.

And I’ve felt that a ton from visiting people this last week and a half. That The Gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t going to take away all of your trials, but it will give you the necessary strength to get through them and help your trials to be for your good. It helps you to be happy, not because your trials are gone but that through your trials you have somewhere to turn for peace, comfort and strength.

I have noticed that there are people who have turned to the Lord during those trials and have looked back and felt so blessed, and then those who have turned away from the Lord because of their trials and struggle day by day.
So it’s hard to see but I it’s the greatest that I am here to invite them to come unto Christ and find that happiness.
I’m just about out of time, but this week was a good one. I have been able to identify the Spirit helping me more and more in lessons.
Thanks for all of the support. NO FAMILY COMPARES I hope you know that. I love you all.
I will attach a picture of Sister Gunn and I after she thought it was a brilliant idea to walk 3 miles on the hottest day. We were drenched. But it’s okay she’s still a cool girl, I forgave her. And also there’s some old pictures from the MTC of my district and companion and stuff, OH and the elder that had the birthday before me also enjoyed your birthday package as you can see. You can put some of these on the other email or whatever works.

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