Palm Springs

WELP. I’m in Palm Springs! Too good, it feels a lot like Mesa so it’s cool that it’s not snowing or anything and we don’t tract so we haven’t really walked outside too much, but it’s pretty here. Palm trees are always a good sight to see. So, I didn’t get to send out an email last week, let me just catch you up.

In the MTC, we got super close with our district and there are so many pictures I need to email next week but I forgot my chord this time. So stay tuned! MY BIRTHDAY was great due to all the love and support from all of you. I felt so popular, so many packages/letters/emails so thank you. I had a pretty bad cold though, and I still do. So I don’t know what’s wrong with me. But I’m still able to function so that’s good. Each Sunday we had church with our zone, and they would say to prepare a talk and then call on one elder and one sister to speak the moment before they need to give the talk. The secret is though they only call on the missionaries departing that week. So my last Sunday I knew I needed to just put a few bullet points down for a talk, but not to stress since the chances of me getting called are so slim right? Nah. Right after sacrament, “And now we will hear from Sister Taryn Peterson”. I didn’t even have time to think of a cool little attention grabber, grandma would be dissapointed. It was a good experience though.
That night in the MTC was amazing. The elders in our district were giving priesthood blessings to each other and the sisters and then I was the last one to get one. I had something on my mind that whole day, it was something so specific and as I listened to all the other blessings given, it wasn’t addressed and so I thought my blessing probably won’t say anything about this dumb, random concern, no big deal. Plus, none of the elders had a ton of experience with blessings since they’re just youngins. But I got my blessing, and what do you know, the Elder said exactly what I needed to hear. He addressed my need so specifically, at this point I just smiled and thought wow. Just. Heavenly Father, knows us. He knows our thoughts. That elder was inspired by Him to say that specific random thing that I needed to hear. I can’t stop thinking about it.The priesthood power is again on the earth. I will never be able to deny that. Therefore, this is Christ’s church restored, I cannot deny that either. I just want everyone to know it! I’m sure there is more to say about the MTC but that’s all I can remember for now.
So then September 1st we woke up at 2:30 am, I got to call home! I love you guys. It was good to hear your voices. And then I got to Redlands. My MTC companion still looked deathly ill so Sister Van Cott (mission president’s wife) let her sleep literally from 11 that morning to 9 the next morning. We were all a little envious. The next day we got our new companions! I am with Sister Gunn, she’s super nice and patient with me. She’s been out for 7 months, is from Orem Utah and is not super similar to me but that’s all good, probably for the better. We get along well and I still haven’t had a mental breakdown so YAY! The second I got assigned to be her companion she was all okay we have 3 lessons tonight and I was like whoa what I’m tired what’s happening. But we taught Stephen the second lesson that night, and he is great. We taught him another lesson this week and he came to church this sunday which we really weren’t expecting so that was awesome! I’m also giving a talk next sunday apparently so hopefully he comes! Oh and it was funny my second night here, we went to the street fair and it was so crazy I was like whoa I was just here with my family right after we got my call! And I see the windmills a ton, it’s weird to realize there’s a whole little secret town behind them, and now I’m living in it! Our area is full of nice old people and our ward is pretty small, especially coming from Mesa town. It’s super different but it’s good. I love talking to all the people here, and I feel the Spirit so strongly. When I sit down in someone’s home and am talking with them I just feel God’s love for them so strongly it’s amazing. You just want the best for these people!
Sorry that is so much to catch up on, but I love you, have a good week, you are in my prayers and I am so happy here! Seriously I will never get this exact opportunity again so I’m trying to make the most of it and just give my all to my Heavenly Father. He wants his children to know of what I know, I feel it when I talk with them. He loves every single one of us so much.
Let me know how things are at home! Love you!

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